Welcome to Equity Rentals Residents Rewards program.

Participating businesses and their offers below. 

Equity Rentals Resident rewards program is a support local GP incentive, for all Equity Rentals tenants and participating businesses. We are confident this program will encourage our tenants to shop local for a savings, and bring awareness to local businesses, improving the strength of our community. 

The following business are participating in the program.
Each business card shows the discount, valid for current lease-holders at Equity Rentals only.

Click any card to visit each company's website or social media. (To redeem the discount, members must visit the location of each company and present the membership card.)

Equity Rentals Residents Rewards Shop Local  Program Scan QR Code

Each Equity Rentals property, with a valid 1-year active lease, will receive a membership card containing a QR Code on the back. The QR Code is programmed to inform each business of whether the membership card for that property is active or not. [If you have not received this card please contact us.] There will be a $10 fee for lost cards, or cards not returned when the tenant lease ends. Businesses may opt out at any time. Participants are subject to change. Equity Rentals Ltd. reserves the right to disqualify any tenant to partake in this program at any time, whether the lease is active or not.

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Equity Rentals Resident Rewards Program is a support local GP incentive, for all Equity Rentals tenants and participating businesses. We have partnered with local businesses that have generously offered incentives on products and services for our tenants. 


We welcome all local area businesses to participate.

Send us a message or call us at 780-357-3338 to learn how you can be a part of this collective, shop local program.

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