Equity Rentals About Daniel

Equity Rentals CEO and President Daniel Goff is the fuel that keeps his company running smoothly. Dan’s specific expertise comes from buying undervalued properties, renovating them and creating value for his business and community. A strategic thinker with a get-it-done attitude, Dan is both the voice behind the company’s long-term vision and the person to see each job through to completion.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Dan has always held a deep respect for his hometown. He was 19 when he bought his first property – a fixer-upper in the Hillside neighbourhood. Dan renovated it, sold it, and discovered a terrific opportunity to create leverage and income. He has been purchasing and flipping properties ever since.

Now with Equity Rentals, Dan also partners with commercial and residential landlords, providing rental and management services for a shared stake in ownership. Some of Dan’s greatest successes have come from restoring abandoned housing and making it like new, making a positive, lasting contribution to Grande Prairie.

As a leader, Dan appreciates and respects every member of the Equity Rentals team. Through honesty, reliability and a willingness to keep improving, Dan is committed to making things better for his staff, his company and his city.

Dan feels Grande Prairie is a great place to live and appreciates the unique balance of convenient amenities and small-town atmosphere. He is proud to be a part of the community along with his wife and their children. In his downtime, Dan enjoys time with his family and stays active by playing squash, kite surfing, and travelling.

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