Great Vibes: 5 Spring Tips for Reinvigorating Your Home

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It’s that time of year! 

The time of family and friends; cooking and eating; hustle and bustle. Be ready for the holidays with these simple tips. 

1. Be ready for guests – freshen up the guest room by washing bedding, dusting tables and dressers and vacuuming or sweeping the floor. Remember to let your landlord know if your guests are staying longer than a few days. Check your lease for exact days. Equity Rentals tenants can contact us through the Tenant Portal or texting us at 780-357-3338.

2. Clean the kitchen – get it ready for entertaining through cooking and eating! Clean and organize the fridge to fit extra food, clean the oven so it smells great when baking (and doesn’t fill the home with smoke) and wipe down cupboards and counters to give it a fresh feeling you can enjoy when company comes.

3. Prep for holiday shopping – do a little research before you go so you are prepared. Make a list of names and ideas for holiday gifts. Have a budget in mind. Shopping can be overwhelming so it’s best to have a plan and keep it simple.

4. Do a safety check – twice a year check smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries and furnace filters. This is a good time to check because it can be part of your holiday set up plan.

5. Give back – the best time to give back, donate to a local charity like Bandaged Paws Animal Rescue Association or Helping Hands Society, or do something nice for someone else is on the days that life feels hard. This is the perfect way to cheer yourself up. It’s a great time to clean out closets and storage to make room for new gifts from others too.

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